MS Excel Transpose convert columns to rows

Step by Step: How to Use MS Excel ‘Transpose’ and convert Columns to Rows

MS Excel Transpose convert columns to rows::What is the Use of ‘transpose’ and how to use it for converting Columns to Rows or rows to columns? Let us say that we have the below table:

MS Excel Transpose-1

MS Excel Transpose-2

MS Excel Transpose-2

It is very easy to perform the above transpose task in MS Excel 2007, 2010. The detailed use of Transpose is placed below for ease of use and understanding:

Step 1: converting excel columns to rows

Copy the entire table.

MS Excel Convert Column to Rows-3

Step 2:converting excel columns/rows to rows/columns

Click the cell where you want the transpose to occur; in this case we have selected A11 cell.

MS Excel Convert Rows to Columns-4