MA English Syllabus Punjab University

The University of Punjab last changed its MA English Syllabus in the year 2002-2003. The Appendix ‘A’ Contains outline while Appendix B contains the detail of papers.

M.A. (English) Part One Examination of 2003. The change of Punjab University Syllabus was not welcome initially as the faculty as well as students found difficult to adjust to the new syllabus. Punjab university had to award passing marks to the students appearing in the early years of change of syllabus.Currently, a student can pass MA English if he/she obtains 40% marks in each paper while the aggregate/average remains at least 45%.

University of the Punjab has divided MA English Examinations in two parts i.e. Part One and Part Two. A student cannot appear in combined exams i.e. MA part 1 and 2 cannot be taken up for exams together. A student must pass Part I before appearing in the 2nd part of MA English. However, supplementary candidates are allowed to appear in MA Part 2 exams. Below are the details of MA Part two Exam papers.

MA English Syllabus Punjab University – Part One:

Appendix A: Outline of MA English Part I Papers

Paper No.Paper NameMarks
Paper IClassical Poetry100
Paper IIDrama100
Paper IIINovel100
Paper IVProse100
Paper VAmerican Literature100

Appendix A: Outline of MA English Part Two Compulsory Papers and Books.

Paper No.Paper NameMarks
Paper IPoetry II100
Paper IIDrama II100
Paper IIINovel III100
Paper IVLiterary Criticism100

Appendix A: MA English Part two Optional Papers. At least one paper is mandatory from below appended list of papers.

Paper No.Paper NameMarks
Paper VShort Stories100
Paper VILiterature in English Around the World100
Paper VIILinguistics100
Paper VIIIEssay100

Total Marks: 500

Appendix B: Details of MA English Part II Papers with Author Names

Paper I: Poetry II

Blake: A Selection from Songs of Innocence & Experience
i) Auguries of Innocence
ii) The Sick Rose
iii) London
iv) A Poison Tree
v) A Divine Image
vi) From Milton: And Did Those Feet
vii) Holy Thursday (I)
viii) The Tyger
ix) Ah, Sun Flower
x) Holy Thursday (II)

Paper II: Drama II

  1. Ibsen: Hedda Gabler
  2. Chekov: The Cherry Orchard
  3. Brecht: Galileo Galili
  4. Beckett:Waiting for Godot
  5. Edward Bond: The Sea

Paper III: Novel II

  1. Conrad: Heart of Darkness
  2. Joyce: Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man
  3. Woolf: To the Lighthouse
  4. Achebe: Things Fall Apart
  5. Ahmad Ali: Twilight in Delhi

Paper IV: (Literary Criticism) Practical Criticism

  1. Aristotle: Poetics
  2. Raymond William’s: Modern Tragedy
  3. Catherine Belsey: Critical Practice
  4. T.S. Eliot: Tradition and the Individual Talent
  5. Philip Sidney: Apology for Poetry

Optional Papers

Paper V: Short Stories

  1. Sara Suleri: The Property of Women
  2. Naguib Mahfuz: The Mummy
  3. E.Allen Poe: The Man of the Crowd
  4. Doris Lessing: African Short Story
  5. Flannery O’Connor: Everything that Rises Must Converge
  6. James Joyce: The Dead
  7. Nadine Gordimer: Ultimate Safari
    Once upon a time
  8. Kafka: The Judgement
  9. Achebe: Civil Peace
  10. Okri: What the Tapster Saw
  11. Hanif Qureshi: My Son the Fanatic
  12. D.H.Lawrence: The Man who Loved Islands
  13. W.Trevor: The Day
  14. AliceWalker: Strong Horse Tea
  15. V.S. Pritchett: The Voice
  16. Brian Friel: The Diviner
  17. H.E. Bates: The Woman who Loved, Imagination
  18. Ali Mazuri: The Fort
  19. Amy Tan : The Voice from the Wall
  20. A.Chekov: The Man who lived in a Shell
  21. Braithwaite: Dream Hatii
  22. V.S. Naipaul: The Nightwatchman’s
    Occurrence Book
  23. E. Hemingway: A Clean Well Lighted Place

PAPER VI: (Literature in English Around the World)


  1. Lorca: House of Bernada Alba
  2. Brian Friel: Translations


  1. Nugugi: The River Between
  2. Solzhynetsin: A Day in the life of Ivan
    Denisovitch Poetry
  3. Taufiq Rafat: Thinking of Mohenjodaro
    The Stone Chat
    The Last Visit
  4. Daud Kamal:Reproduction
    The Street of Nightingale
    A Remote Beginning
  5. Maki Qureshi:Air Raid
    Letter to my Sister
  6. A. Hashmi:Encounter with the Sirens
    But Where is the Sky?
  7. Zulfiqar Ghose: Across India
    February 1952
    The Mystique of Root
    A Memory of Asia
  8. Shirley Lim: Monsoon History
    Modern Secrets
  9. Vikram Seth:Humble Administrators
  10. Anna Akhmatova:Prologue Epilogue
  11. Derek Walcott: Far Cry From Africa
  12. Ben Okri: African Elegy
  13. Achebe: Refugee Mother & Child
    Mango Seed
  14. Nasim Ezekiel: Night of the Scorpion
    Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa
  15. Moniza Alvi: The Country at my Shoulder

Paper VII (Linguistics)

  1. Introduction
  2. Phonetic
  3. Phonology
  4. Morphology
  5. Syntax
  6. Semantics
  7. Stylistics.

Paper VIII: (Essay)

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