Jaun Elia Ailia Love Poetry Urdu

جون ایلیا مشہور اردو شاعر’Jaun Elia Ailia Love Poetry Urdu’ is a segmented portion from amongst the collections of the poetry of Jaun Ailia or Elia, a well known communist Urdu Poet that migrated to Pakistan as a young man during the partition of Sub-continent in 1947. Jaun Ailia, born on December 14, 1931 and died on November 08, 2002 lived up for a brief span of 71 years. He belonged to a literary family and married a woman of letters, Zahida Hina.

We have collected a few of his famous and well known Urdu verses as a short collection under the title of Love Poetry, similarly we have also worked on major themes of his poetry and different pages have been dedicated to the major portions of his Urdu Poetry.

Urdu language has produced so many poets that it becomes, sometimes, really hard to rank different poets from across the decades into categories; not withstanding the aforesaid, we can easily place Jaun Ailia or Elia as among the great poets of his era.

Ap ab poochnay ko aye hain,  dil mery jan mar gya kab ka
Dosto ham ne apna hal usy,  jab bhi likha kharab he likha
Khoon kar dun tery shabab ka main,  muj sa qatil tera shabab nahi

Khoon kar dun tery shabab ka main,
muj sa qatil tera shabab nahi

Na likha us ne koi bhi maktoob,  phir bhi ham ne jawab he likha