Fakhira Batool Famous Urdu Poetry

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Fakhira Batool Famous Urdu Poetry is a nice collection of dozens of verses. Fakhira Batool has been a wonderful poetess. She has really served Urdu Literature well. Though we may not rate her at par with the likes of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Mohsin Naqvi etc. but she can still be ranked amongst the poets like Wasi Shah and Parveen Shakir.


Fakhira Batool Famous Urdu Poetry

This collection is an endeavour to celebrate her poetic genius. We have identified her pattern of writing and expressing the deeper human emotions in fewer words and vaster meanings. Her poetry is lovable and appeasing. Though at times, she uses word repetitions to echo stress and emphasis. These are quite musical at times while on occasions, the same may seem unusual. We can deem that her poetry is dedicated to layman.  These include the themes of love, relationship, friends, society, loneliness, anxiety and sorrow.

This bunch of her verses called ‘Fakhira Batool Famous Urdu Poetry’ is a hand picked and personally selected Urdu ‘shayrs’. These are two lines poetry verses and shayrs in written in Urdu and Roman pronunciation of English. You will love this poetry.

Abhi chahat ganwa deny ki zid tum ko hy shidat se,  agar panay ki hasrat hw gaye to kya karo gay tum
Zara bhi paun main larzish nahi hy,  hamen kanton pe chalna agya na
Yaqeen hota agar a ke tum sameto gy,  to zard paton ki surat main ham bikhar jaty