Data Validation MS Excel drop down list

MS Excel Data Validation and restricting user to choose from a list of given values; restrict data entry in excel cells:

Data Validation MS Excel drop down list: There are several occasions when we need to stop or restrict the users from writing directly in the excel cells so that there are no typographical errors. We provide users with a drop down list of values to choose from; hence, a user can not writing data into excel cells directly. This helps when we wish to count specific type input provided by the user. For example we have the below table and want user input:

MS Excel Data Validation-1

If we don’t restrict the user, there may be numerous typographical and situational errors in the received data. Therefore, we must restrict the user to select from the given list only one of the value against each client. A typical format generally is:

How to use data validation MS Excel

In above example the user can select only from the listed values in a drop down. In order to implement the above, we can do the following:

1) Create a list of required values in a column within excel: the below image shows this. We have created the desired list of values in column H.

Excel Data Validation allow entry from list

Excel Data Validation allow entry from list

2) Select the range of cells or column where drop down option is required:

Data Validation choose from list Excel