Bulleh Shah Punjabi Poetry

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Bulleh Shah Punjabi Poetry

Known as Bulleh Shah or Bullah Shah (بلھے شاہ رحمت اللہ علیہہ ), he was born in Uch Gillanian in 1680 (1091 ھجری). His real name was Abdullah Shah. He belonged to a religious family. Like father like son, he was known for his mysticism and Sufism; he was renowned for his karamat right from his childhood and wherever he went. Baba Bulleh Shah’s primary source of spiritualism was his master (مرشد), Hazrat Shah Inayat Qadri(رحمت اللہ علیہہ ).

Bulleh Shah’s poetry highlights the fact that humanity comes first in every aspect of human life; every act of love for humanity leads us to God. He teaches us not to look for God because God Almighty is already looking at us; our acts and our deeds raise our moral standard and enable us to be spiritually pure so that we can see God in our hearts. He demands us not to break any heart even at the cost of religion:

مسجد ڈھادے مندر ڈھا دے
ڈھا دے جو کجھ ڈھیندا
اک بندے دا دل نہ ڈھاویں
رب! دلاں وچ رہندا

Translation of above verses: “In your devilish acts, you may think of demolishing a mosque or a temple, or anything that you can demolish but refrain from breaking the heart of a human; because God Almighty is in every heart”.

Though the great sufi poet Bulleh Shah(رحمت اللہ علیہہ ) died in 1757 yet his spiritual and poetic work would keep him alive forever. May God be please with him and rest him in peace. Ameen! (آمین)

Famous Poems by Baba Bulleh Shah

Os Nal Yari Kadi na Layen
Mere Ishq de wich mashooq na ho
Heeray Sastay mul de wekhay
Wich Darhi Islam na koi
Jhalya Ishq Kamana Okha
Ik Nuktay wich gal mukdi aye
Nai langda waqt wichore da
Kar ghor hath dian unglian te
Charde suraj dhalde wekhay
Laila by Bulleh Shah

Buray banday nu main laban turya par bura na laba koi, jad main andar jhati payee te main to bura na koi